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Portion Control - Slug (cd Prosumer Electronic Music)


As witnessed over their last four releases, Portion Control's modern day sound has evolved into a 21st century sound-scape, unique to their own flavor of 'hard rhythmic electronics.' "Slug" is unmistakably Portion Control in every way, but those waiting for a return of the electro-punk analogue sounds of old, forget it. Instead, "Slug" is a truly futuristic, clanging, noisy, scrap-yard concoction of multi-rhythms, layered chaos, and seamless synth-programming, in the classic style of Portion Control.


"Slug" delves far deeper and more experimental than anything they've unleashed before, as heard on the bass-infused tracks "Sick Man," a thunderous subterranean slugging, and "Unrest" with a resonating bass line layered with some furious vocal ranting instructing "better get dressed for some civil unrest." "Cosh Boy" an instrumental from the downloadable release "Onion Jack IV" returns as an updated model, "Cosh Boy Ver2.1" with the addition of lyrics and clocks in as the fastest track on "Slug." Tempos vary throughout, closing with the ambient "Sammy Circle," a haunting piano loop melody that plays right into the outro, "Bleach," an almost 'too cool for itself' droning break beat instrumental with ambient beach noises and random voice samples thrown in the mix.


You may have to dig a bit deeper on "Slug" to find a catchy anthem that we've come to expect from the masters, though "Global" comes close with its recipe of classic fierce vocals and ping-pong beats. That said, "Slug" will not disappoint, and must be listened to repeatedly for maximum effect. After 20+ years of machine mastery in the test kitchen, for Portion Control each new release is almost a cakewalk; seems like everything they put into that grinder of theirs always comes out sounding purely "P.C."

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