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Noir City 6

Once again, the Musicbox is hosting another festival of Film Noir. However, instead of it just being American films, they are branching out and showcasing classic noir from around the world. Yours truly is especially excited about the programming that is being shown this Sunday, Aug 31st.

Classic French noir from the classic directors like Julien Duvivier and Jules Dassin will be featured. Films: Duvivier's "Pépé Le Moko". This is the film where Warner Bros. stole the inspiration for the infamous skunk, Pepe Le Pu. The grand daddy of Caper Films is being shown, as well. Dassin's "Rififi" is required viewing for any lover of classic cinema.

Later in the series, Kurosawa's noir films will be shown, as well. This is a film event you do not want to miss.

Here is the link to showtimes @ Musicbox : Right here.

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