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Social Distortion at Riot Fest - Sunday, Sept 14

I cannot tell you how many times I've seen Social Distortion live, between the years 1992 and 2012. All I know it's alot. One thing that I always loved about Social D was their mixture of sound blending 1950s rock & roll, outlaw, country, blues, and straight up punk rock.

Orange County California's Social D was founded by Mike Ness in 1978. One thing that sets this band from the rest of the hardcore punk bands coming out of the same location was their uniqueness of their sound. Plus, Ness' lyrics had a sense of authenticity and true pain. Here was a man who was actually broken by his addictions, and he paid the price by doing a little time. When you hear classics like "Ball and Chain", you can really feel the realness of what the man is telling you.

For this entry, I've selected "Another State of Mind", one of my personal favorites from Social Distortions' first album, "Mommy's Little Monster" from 1982.

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