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Eye VS Spy Tour - 2014

On December 9, we will see two legendary industrial powerhouses take to the stage in Chicago at the Vic Theater. Hard core fans have been dreaming of the moment when Skinny Puppy and Front Line Assembly would tour together. Finally, after 30 years since the release of “Remission,” it is finally happening! Bill Leeb, Nivek Ogre and cEvin Key are touring together once more. Fans of both SP and FLA are already hoping for a Cyberaktif encore. It makes perfect sense to most. Hearing “Nothing Stays” live would be classic. It has never been performed live so this would be the perfect time.

Skinny Puppy and Front Line Assembly have two excellent support bands on this tour as well: Haujobb and Youth Code. Daniel Myer is the mastermind behind Haujobb along with his other side projects: Architect, HMB, Cleen, Cleaner, Clear Vision. Haujobb is one of the greatest Industrial bands of the 1990’s. Youth Code represents the new blood of this tour. Recently, Youth Code played one intense set at Cold Waves III this past September. They also submitted one of the best remixes for FLA’s latest album, “Echoes.” If you are new to them, you definitely want to catch this duo from Los Angeles.

Haujobb have not played Chicago in quite awhile, so it’s always to witness to their live power as well. Herr Myer is well known for re-working his studio tracks into mesmerizing remixes. I haven’t seen Haujobb since 2002. So you definitely want to show up early to catch both opening acts.

Bill Leeb was once a member of Skinny Puppy. He left in 1986 to start his own project called Front Line Assembly. He has released a huge catalog of music not just FLA, but several side projects as well like Noise Unit, Delerium, and Cyberaktif. Front Line’s greatest albums are “Gashed Senses and Crossfire,” (1989) “Caustic Grip,” (1990) and “Tactical Neural Implant” (1992). Other great FLA albums include: “Hard Wired” (1995), “Flavor of the Weak” (1998), Re-Wind (98) and their latest, “Echogenetic,” and their remix album, “Echoes.” I have seen FLA twice. I am anxiously looking forward to number 3.

Skinny Puppy is touring a second leg in support of “Weapon” which in my opinion is the strongest SP release since Ogre and cEvin re-formed the band in 2000. That show was amazing; with stunning visuals and a great mix of new songs with old classics. I am curious to see what is similar and what has been changed since the first leg occurred earlier this year. One thing is certain, fans look forward to be blown away by this epic concert!

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