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Klinik - Time/Plague (cd Hands)


"Time/Plague" presents an intriguing snapshot into the Klinik's backcatalogue. "Plague" was the Klinik's second album from 1987, and "Time" was released in 1990, which was the last studio work that Ivens and Verhaeghen released before Dirk left in 1991. On both records the Klinik experimented with different themes and styles. "Plague" is more violently experimental, while "Time" flirts with pop elements like in "Someone Somewhere," with its Japanese koto noises and percussion.


Also "Time" creeps along like sonic Chinese water torture. "Plague" showcased Dirk and Marc's skills as they attempted new methods of madness like the epic opener, "World Domination." This record also contains Klinik classics "End of the Line," and one of my personal favorites, "Into Deep Water" with its classic analog electro-punk feel as well as "Plague," with its lonely trumpet. Other great moments on "Time;" the longer version of "Obsession," the title track, and "Suffer in Silence." Just like "Black Leather," this is required in one's collection. (CH: 8 DP:7) CH.


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