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Album of the week - Last Rights by Skinny Puppy

It's strange making this connection between the passing of Jerry Garcia of the Grateful Dead and what it would feel like when somebody from one of my favorite bands passed away. This experience happened to me on Aug 23, 1995. The internet did not exist yet, so to get information, you either heard it in a radio broadcast, television news, or a newspaper article.

I was at a bar with some friends in the City of Chicago having a great time. When things started to mellow out, for some reason, I grabbed a copy of the tempo section from the Chicago Tribune.

A little side story mentioned that singer D.R. Goettel had died of a heroin overdose. I was deeply saddened and knew exactly how the deadheads felt because I knew that I would never have the chance to see my favorite band perform live with Dwayne Goettel. The thing that frustrated me the most about this article was that it identified Dwayne as the singer of Skinny Puppy, and in fact, he was the instrumental genius of the band. He had the ability of enhancing ALL of the great keyboard parts of their past songs and elevating it to another level.

The album that I selected for the day pays tribute to the musical alchemy that Dwayne, Cevin and Ogre shared.

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