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"A Forest" turns 35 years old

"A Forest" by the Cure celebrated its 35th birthday on April 5! The song was featured on the Cure's second album, Seventeen Seconds, which was released in 1980 on Fiction Records. Some feel that it is the first record that foreshadows what most people recognize as the signature sound of The Cure. However, I feel that there are several songs on Three Imaginary Boys that would be considered quintessential Cure, especially "10:15 Saturday Night," "Grinding Halt," and the title track, "Three Imaginary Boys." The significance of "A Forest" is that it was the first Cure single that Robert Smith recognized as the band really breaking through to something more than just a cult band in the UK. He was right. The success of this single made it to number 31 on the UK Chart, and gave the Cure a chance to tour Australia and the United States for the very first time.

"A Forest" is one of the most played live songs at a Cure show. It is an absolute show stopper, that really gets the diehard Cure fans to go nuts! The smoke billows and the lights turn an ominous green tinge. The bass slowly builds along with the swirling flanged guitar part. Then the drums kick in. The tempo builds and depending on how long version. You are lost in the forest all alone for anywhere from 6 to 20 minutes until the thudding bassline pummels along with insane clapping to the thunderous ending. This version is from the Cure live at Wembley Arena in 1991. This is one of my favorite songs by the Cure. I'm very happy to wish it Happy Birthday!!

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