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Song of the Day - Messages Received by Cabaret Voltaire


"Messages Received", by Cabaret Voltaire

From the album, "The Voice of America"


After viewing the Final Cut of Blade Runner in November 2008, I listened to Voice of America by the Cabs on the drive home. My cousin, who is not into any Industrial music, thought that we were listening to the lost soundtrack to Blade Runner. He was stunned when I told him that the album predated one of the greatest films of all times by two years. Of the three early CV discs, this one is the best. This is where the legendary Sheffield trio really begin to Jazz the Bossa Nova. You can really hear Richard H. Kirk manipulate analogue sounds out of a primitive synths into the very Burroughs-esque cut ups with Chris Watson mixing spliced tape loops. Mal's bass guitar slams the harsh funk on the greatest moments: "The Voice of America/Damage is Done," "Obsession," "This Is Entertainment," the eerie post punk melodic "Messages Received" closes the album while "News from Nowhere" sounds like the recording of planes crashing. For further listening enjoyment check out the box set Methodology the attic tapes 74-78 for pure analogue Industrial bliss.

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